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Scummy House Democrats Sneak Healthcare Vote Through

November 9, 2009

TODAY’S USEFUL IDIOT #3: Kirk Douglas!

September 30, 2008

FROM NEWSMAX: Kirk Douglas Presses for Slavery Apology

“Douglas channels his persistence into his two-year effort to have the United States craft an official apology for slavery.”

I wonder if he is demanding an apology from the source of American slavery- the black africans?  The ones who would capture other tribes and sell them to white slavers (whom, by coincidence, are still enslaving africans to this day).

Is he going to press the Egyptians for an apology for the Hebrew slavery?  Or the Italians for Roman slavery?  How about EVERY MIDDLE EASTERN AND ASIAN COUNTRY for their history of slavery!?!?!

F U kirk douglas, you senile old dumb-fu*k.