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TODAY’S USEFUL IDIOT: Jim David Adkisson

March 13, 2009

Today’s Useful Idiot is special. Normally Useful Idiots are by definition liberals but, Jim here is a bona fide right-wing nut-job.

“An unemployed truck driver seething over liberalism told police he opened fire in a church last year because it harbored gays and multiracial families and he hoped others would follow his example.”

Anyway, since he’s right-wing, he normally wouldn’t be eligible for the covenanted title of Useful Idiot but, since his actions help the leftards, he pretty much qualifies (at least by Lenin’s definition).

Anyway, Congratulations Jim David Adkisson!!! Our FIRST right-wing kook Useful Idiot!

HERE’S AN ARTICLE: Tennessee Church Gunman Hoped Attack Would Provoke More Like It