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Skylar Deleon Gets The Death Penality! YAY!

November 7, 2008

FROM the LA Times“In 2004, Skylar Deleon tied an anchor to a Newport Beach couple and tossed them overboard.A Santa Ana jury Thursday voted for the death penalty for a 29-year-old man convicted of three murders, including those of a Newport Beach couple who were lashed to the anchor of their yacht and thrown into the ocean.”

YAY!  The system works!

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Skylar Deleon – A Man Who NEEDS The Death Penalty!

October 8, 2008

What can I say? This man needs to die! After all of the pain and suffering he has caused, the death penalty is too good for him. I can usually stand bad acting and being talentless but, his level of talentlessness has caused too much suffering. HE NEEDS TO DIE!

Of course, he’s being tried in California so he won’t get the needle for at least 30years (if at all).

I also am to understand that he has confessed to two gruesome murders (Tom and Jackie Hawks).

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BTW, Here’s a picture of his shining moment in life, not his one bit part on the truly HORRIBLE Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but some other (probably equally horrible) child TV show…