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NY Demcrat Obamacare Supporter: ‘Obamacare Is For You Little People Who Can’t Get Waivers’

March 24, 2011

Anthony Weiner, a major Obamacare supporter is now seeking a waiver!

Another case of liberal “it’s good for you but, I’m better than you”.


RINO Romney Promises To Executive Order Obamacare Into The Trash Bin

March 23, 2011

RINO Romney (aka Romneycare Romney) is promising to use an executive order to get rid of Obamacare. Yeah right.
Let’s say that Romney gets elected AND he actually follows through with his promise, all it takes it the next president to totally reverse the executive order and Obamacare will be back in full.

Romney is a DISASTER!

Obamacare – A Disaster

March 23, 2011

Ed Feulner at the Washington Times has an excelent editorial on the disaster that is Obamacare.
Here are some highlights:
Keeping your insurance- The Obama administration itself has estimated that 49 percent to 80 percent of small-employer plans, 34 percent to 67 percent of large-employer plans and 40 percent to 67 percent of individual insurance coverage won’t be grandfathered in by the end of 2013. If you like your health plan, well – sorry, but the odds are not in favor of you getting to keep it.
Big insurance protection act- A year later, what do we find? Numerous insurance companies leaving the market altogether, giving all of us fewer choices to pick from. One such company, Principal Financial Group, provided insurance to more 800,000 people. As Joshua Raskin, an analyst at Barclays Capital, has noted, it “is harder and harder for smaller plans to compete in a more regulated environment.”
Promise of lowered healtcare cost- Then there are mandates Obamacare places on insurance plans. For example, Mr. Blase writes, “No insurance plan can now limit lifetime benefits, and group plans cannot have annual benefit limits.” The all-too-predictable result? Significantly higher premiums.