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Obama: ‘Military Is Non-essential’

April 8, 2011

During all of the government shutdowns during my life-time, the military was considered essential and was funded during the shutdown.  Well, President Fail has decided that the military (even though it’s now fighting three wars) is non-essential and as of this writing is scheduled to lose funding tonight at mid-night.

This is the BEST president that our enemies have EVER had!  What a putz.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal = Bad Idea

December 20, 2010

The primary goal of the military is to break down individualism and make people act as a team. “An Army of one” and “There is no black or white in the Army, everyone is green” are not just catch phrases, it’s the main goal of the military. Splintered forces are easily defeated.

Allowing women to ‘equally’ serve was a bad idea because of this. Women in the military get special treatment. They get ‘privileges’ that are not afforded to men (e.g. they have less harsh grooming standards, less challenging fitness requirements, generally better berthing accomodations (enlisted Navy), and etcetera). On top of this, the main ‘privilege’ that female military members get is that they are handled with ‘kit-gloves’ in general interactions. Male memebrs have to be careful as to what they say or do around females lest they be accused of sexual harrassment. When accusations of sexual harrassment arise, the females are instantly perceived as the victim and the male is perceived as the ‘guilty’. I have personally seen this happen several times. They are a protected class and it creates a division.

Which brings us to openly homosexuals. Homosexuals have ALWAYS been allowed to serve in the military. The only change now is that with the repeal of DADT, the military has created yet another ‘special group’ that furthers causes divisions. I can already predict that “I’m being punished because I’m gay” will soon become a common defense for bad behavior in the military.

The funny thing about this is the few homosexuals that I knew who came out of the closet did it specifically to get OUT of the military. They get got an adminstrative discharge instead of a dishonorable. I’m laughing at the few who are in the pipeline now to be discharged only to soon be told, sorry, you have to stay in. 🙂