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It’s the Voter’s Fault!!!!

March 14, 2009

demlicansI am getting really sick of hearing how the American voter really screwed up by putting BO in the White House.  As you all may know, I pretty much despise BO’s agenda and what he’s doing.   But, I’m getting real tired of hearing how the stupid American voter made such a disastrous choice.

The fact of the matter is that the American voter hasn’t had a good choice for president since the 80’s!  Don’t blame the average citizen, blame the parties and the system for such spectacularly bad candidates.

When our choices are as bad as these, what does it matter?

GOP, Did You Learn Anything?????

November 5, 2008

Dear GOP,

Now that you lost the presidency to a radical socialist that should have been a breeze to beat and lost even more congressional seats to the loon-bird demoncrats, I am hoping that you are now finally getting the picture. The GOP wins big when they act like conservatives and lose big when they act like liberals. YOU F’ING MORONS, QUIT PISSING ON YOUR CORE JUST TO MAKE DEMONCRATS HAPPY. Demoncrats will ALWAYS stab you in the back (kinda like what you have repeatedly done to your core).

McRINO was such a spectacularly bad candidate that your core just couldn’t get excited about him. He sold us out and sided with the demoncrats so much, that I think they gave him an honorary ass (mule) pin. The only reasons that he even got close to Obama was because:

1) Obama is going to be a complete disaster.

2) Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin was the ONLY thing good about the GOP ticket this year. She was the only thing that your core could get excited about.

Anyway, I hope you GOP idiots have learned a lession and will quit forcing crap candidates on us (Bush & McCain), start acting like conservatives and quit lining your pockets (grabbing what you can) when you do get elected or else, you are going to lose even more power in the next election.

This is going to be a hard 2 years but maybe you’ll learn something from it.


A disgusted voter

My Pre-Election Observations….

November 4, 2008

It’s 9pm on November 3, 2008. I’ve had many things I wanted to say before we know the outcome of this election but, I have been too lazy to write them. Here’s my thoughts in one big post…

McCain – He was a pitiful choice by the Republicans. It is as if the GOP is TRYING to lose. His nomination is due to:

a) Huckabee, Romney and Giuliani splitting the conservative vote between them thus enabling the liberal-Republicans pick liberal McCain.

b) The GOP completely turning it’s back on Ron Paul and treating him (from the beginning) as a non-candidate.

c) The idiots of New Hampshire giving McCain his first win and thus momentum.

Obama – He is a crooked, racist, socialist who hates America and is going to give us another four years of a Carter economy (with more terrorist attacks than Clinton (yes, they will be on our overseas installation but still more attacks)). He has squat for experience. He has lied to our faces by promising EVERYTHING without a workable way of paying for it THEN LYING ABOUT LOWERING MIDDLE CLASS TAXES!!

IF BY SOME MIRACLE, Obama actually did only raise taxes on the ‘rich’ and businesses, this is only going to cause the ‘rich’ and businesses to move money and jobs out of the US and that is going to hurt us all. I predict that Grand Cayman and Switzerland are going to have a booming banking business.

As for Obama’s birth certificate- I think he was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible to be President.

a) He refuses to release his birth certificate – what is he hiding?

b) The birth certificate that was leaked to the world is pretty much believed to be a fake.

c) The Governor of Hawaii DID NOT order the certificate sealed but Hawaii still won’t release it due to:

State law prohibits the release of a birth certificate except to a person seeking his or her own certificate and the person’s spouse, parent and legal guardian.

If he was really born in the US, all he has to do is tell Hawaii that it is okay to release it and this whole issue is cleared up but, he won’t… Why not?

Biden – He’s a stupid tool who can’t keep his mouth shut when it needs to be.

Palin – The ONLY shining spot in this whole Election ’08 fiasco.

The Clintons – Bill Clinton, being the last President, has basically been the defacto leader of the Democrats (or at least would be if he hadn’t delegated that power to Hillary). If Obama loses the election, Hillary WILL be running against McCain in 2012. If Obama wins, he will become the defacto leader of the Democrat party. Hillary, being a threat to Obama’s control, will lose most of her power as she will be sent to the political equivalent of Tatooine.

Polls – Polls are notoriously inaccurate. Polls showed McCain with no support before the Republican nomination and they were wrong. Polls showed Jimmy Carter tied with Ronald Reagan and they were wrong. In politics, you never know what’s going to happen until the election is done.

ACORN – They are criminals and should be shut-down and various members brought up on charges. Obama is up to his neck with them which is further proof that he is a crook. McCain was/is an idiot for ever associating with them.


An Obama WinObama’s policies are the same as Jimmy Carter’s were in the 70’s. We are going to have another economically depressed four years but there is a bright side to this-

a) This HOPEFULLY will be a wake-up call to the GOP. They are EXCELLENT at being spineless jellyfish when it comes to standing up the mis-behaving Democrats. They are also good at selling out conservative principles to ‘line their nests’. Maybe the GOP will get the message after this upcoming spanking. Then again, I thought that the spanking the GOP got after betraying their promises in the ‘Contract With America’ would have taught them but of course, it didn’t. GOP politicians are stupid and greedy and they do not think about future consequences when they are filling their pockets.

b) After the Carter fiasco, we got Reagan. We need to let the Democrats depress the US for us to throw them back out in 2012. IF I had to predict the future, I am thinking that Palin (who is now being courted by the GOP for the future) will be the GOP nominee in 2012 and I’m thinking she will kick ass.  Unfortunately, the Demoncrats now have her on their RADAR and know of her threat to them.  For the next four years expect nothing but bad news about Palin and constant attacks to destroy her before she can run in 2012.

c) The Clintons will go away and Hillary will never be president. If Obama wins, he is going to punish Hillary and put her far away. He will also be the candidate in 2012 thus preventing Hillary from running. After that, I think Hillary will be so stripped of power and old that she won’t be a contender in 2016.

d) Obama will most likely only replace two Supreme Court judges, both are ultra-liberal and therefore shouldn’t shift the power by too much.

An Obama win is like a vaccination that makes you sick to make you better. A political-flu vaccination. It’s going to hurt but we’ll be better off in the long run.

A McCain win– a bad deal for us…

a) McCain will prove to be a crappy President (like Bush 1 and 2) because he’s too liberal.

b) Palin’s name will be tarnished by being associated with a lack-luster/un-popular McCain administration and we will lose our best hope for the future.

c) Hillary WILL be in the 2012 race and may win.

A McCain win version 2 – GREAT for us!

a) McCain dies early into his administration and Palin takes over! The economy soars, Government is cleaned up (a little), a cure for cancer is found and world peace prevails. We have eight WONDERFUL years then the GOP gets complacent again and we repeat the cycle of crappy choices.

By my estimation, an Obama win will be the best for us in the long run. We survived FDR, Johnson, Carter, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush and Bush, we will survive Obama. Just remember, with a few hours left until elections, polls mean nothing and ANYTHING can happen. No, I’m not hinting at a McCain win.

BTW, Laura Ingraham (whom I am watching on TV at this moment) is such a hottie!

“Sarah Palin Idiot”

October 10, 2008
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

I see that “Sarah Palin Idiot” is a big search term today, Obviously the Useful Idiots are out and about! Trying to reinforce their moronic belief that Sarah Palin is dumb… Obviously, she’s not, but that won’t stop the imbeciles from trying to make themselves feel better by finding other dumb opinions.

The funny thing about this is that Sarah Palin is the best of the four candidates out there! Lets look at them-

Obama – Not yet a single term federal senator, previous state legislator, no executive branch experience what so ever! He’s not dumb, as he has become real good at working the system, proof- he’s gotten good sweet-heart deals through friends.

Biden – Multiple term federal senator and a former ambassador. Of course, neither give you any experience in the executive branch of government.

McCain – Multiple term federal senator. Being a retired Navy Officer, he does have many years of leadership experience.

Palin – Current governor, former mayor, she’s THE ONLY ONE WITH EXECUTIVE BRANCH EXPERIENCE!!!! She has won her positions on her own so clearly, she’s no idiot.

So of the four candidates, she’s the most qualified.

I know I will never convince the idiots that are doing “Sarah Palin Idiot” searches but their opinions are dumb anyway.

Demoncrats Blantly Lying for the 5,787,654,456,001th Time

October 9, 2008

Ann Coulter has a good column on the Demoncrats attempts to lie about McCain involvement in the financial meltdown.

“McCain… …would still have absolutely nothing to do with the subprime mortgage crisis currently roiling the financial markets. This crisis was caused by political correctness being forced on the mortgage lending industry in the Clinton era.

Before the Democrats’ affirmative action lending policies became an embarrassment, the Los Angeles Times reported that, starting in 1992, a majority-Democratic Congress “mandated that Fannie and Freddie increase their purchases of mortgages for low-income and medium-income borrowers. Operating under that requirement, Fannie Mae, in particular, has been aggressive and creative in stimulating minority gains.”

Under Clinton, the entire federal government put massive pressure on banks to grant more mortgages to the poor and minorities. Clinton’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Andrew Cuomo, investigated Fannie Mae for racial discrimination and proposed that 50 percent of Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s portfolio be made up of loans to low- to moderate-income borrowers by the year 2001.”

As bad as I think McAmnesty is, I think he tried to stop this mess before it happened.

READ THE COLUMN: They Gave Your Mortgage To A Less Qualified Minority