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A Very Good Assessment Of The State Of Brtish Military Equipment

March 25, 2011

Analysis Recent combat operations by British and allied forces in Libya are beginning to tell us a lot: not so much about the future of Libya, which remains up for grabs, but about the tools one actually needs for fighting real-world wars against real-world enemy armed forces.

Libya is telling us how well the Coalition government did in its recent Strategic Defence and Security Review – and bluntly, it is showing that the Review was a fiasco.


Deamoncrats FINALLY Have A Good Idea!

March 23, 2011


US Spends Millions Of Dollars To Destroy Inoperable Libyan Aircraft

March 23, 2011

The word on the street is that Libya had very few operable aircraft and that President Fail has blown millions of dollars to destroy non-working aircraft.

Way to win champ!

President Fail: “There will be no US ground troops in Libya.” TRUTH: “We’re sending US Marines into Libya”

March 23, 2011

About 2,200 Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or 26th MEU will take part. Their mission is to help end the violence directed at the Libyan people.


President Fail’s Destruction Continues – Germany Pulls Out Of NATO

March 23, 2011

Apparently Germany is pulling it’s troops out of NATO due to Obama’s Libyan war.


Obama’s Lybian War-

March 23, 2011

David Lambro has a good editoral on Obama’s Libyan war-

America is now engaged in four wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya, under an inexperienced president who ran for office criticizing the previous president’s “rush to war.” A Rasmussen poll earlier this month showed that 63 percent of Americans surveyed wanted the U.S. to stay out of Libya.

But Mr. Obama’s strained argument – that he had not really entered into a war, but was trying to prevent “a humanitarian disaster” – was embarrassingly thin if not dishonest. War by its very definition can be a humanitarian action, but bombing a country’s army is clearly an act of war. Why does Mr. Obama deny that?


President Fail’s Friends Turn On Him

March 22, 2011

President Fail has sent her thighness to Russia to try and get them to be our buddys. Same with our landlord, China. Unfortunately, like all other things this president touches, it has so far blown up in his face. Both Russia and China are now calling for the Allies (read: Americans) to cease fire in Libya.

President Fail can’t do anything right… …except fail.