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Obama’s Birth Scam: Birth Certificate Vs. Certification Of Live Birth

November 20, 2009

Where there’s smoke there’s fire.  Obama and his handlers have done everything shady possible in the handling of his birth question.  ALL IT WOULD TAKE TO CLEAR THIS UP IS TO PROVIDE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE WITH A DOCTOR’S NAME, HOSPITAL and ETC.  The CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH is a scam, read below…

I’ll cover his citizenship problem and why people (like Snopes) are fsck’d up on this later.

And for you Obamanites who claim that there is no difference between a Certification of Live Birth and a Birth Certificate, we, as well as the State of Hawaii, would have to disagree with you.

“[§338-17.8]  Certificates for children born out of State.
(a)  Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.
(b)  Proof of legal residency shall be submitted to the director of health in any manner that the director shall deem appropriate.  The director of health may also adopt any rules pursuant to chapter 91 that he or she may deem necessary or proper to prevent fraudulent applications for birth certificates and to require any further information or proof of events necessary for completion of a birth certificate.
(c)  The fee for each application for registration shall be established by rule adopted pursuant to chapter 91. [L 1982, c 182, §1]”

Everybody get that?

As long as an adult can walk into Hawaii’s version of the Department of Records and provide proof that they are a legal resident of Hawaii, the document is issued.

The child, on the other hand, could have been born in Hawaii, Kenya, or a back-alley in Budapest.

THE ARTICLE: Birth Certificate Vs. Certification Of Live Birth

Whoopi Goldberg is a Lying Sack of Dog Mess!

May 20, 2009

Glenn Beck appeared on The View and Whoopi Goldberg an Barbara Walters attacked him and Whoopi called him a liar when in fact, WHOOPI WAS THE ONE LYING.

Here is EXACTLY what Glenn beck said-

GB: “We get in and sit down at a table and the lady says ‘no no no no, you can’t take those’. ‘Why Not?’ ‘They’re reserved.’  ‘They’re reserved? I didn’t…You can’t reserve…’ ‘No no, these are reserved’.”

GB: “How did they reserve seats on Amtrak when you can’t reserve seats on Amtrak?”

GB: “Now, as the train took off, and Barbara said, ‘Glenn Beck’ and I said, ‘Yes, Mrs Walters, how are you?’.  ‘You’re going to be on our show in a couple of weeks I understand.’ and I said, ‘Oh…’ and Whoopi looks up over her glasses ‘Oh yes, Glen Beck, Yes’.”

BW: “You said, she [Barbara Walters] came over”

Joy Behar: “Why did you lie about that? You said she came over.”

WG: “You did lie, what do you mean ‘I’m accusing you’?  You sat there and you’re a lying sack of dog mess.  You lied.”

WG: “… for you to make something up like that and drag us in and put it as though we pulled… That’s not what you said. That’s not what you said”

Whoopi was apparently under the impression that Glenn Beck said that Barbara Walters and she had reserved the seats AND that Glenn Beck said that they came over to him.  The proceeds to call him a liar and dog shit.

Glenn NEVER said that they reserved the seats…  He said that “a lady” said the seats were reserved and questioned how they could have done that since Amtrak doesn’t allow reservations.

Also, Glenn NEVER said that Walters and Goldberg came over to him.  They did get him to THINK he said that but, he didn’t.

Here’s the clip so you can verify for yourself-

Israel Is Winning… Soon To Lose Again.

January 16, 2009

Hamas is asking for a year-long cease-fire. TRANSLATION: They are losing and need time to re-group/re-arm. Of course, various nations of the world are falling all over themselves to tell Israel to accept it (you know to stop the bloodshed).

EVERY PREVIOUS cease fire has been violated by Hamas, why will this one be any different?

I assume that Israel is going to knuckle under AGAIN and agree to the cease fire.


The Turkey Interview, PT II

November 29, 2008

I can’t believe all of the kooks this story has brought out! Since it hasn’t died and since I am still receiving messages about this let me point out one GLARING FACT THAT NO ONE HAS MENTION (at least no one that I have heard)- SARAH PALIN WAS SET UP!

I can’t believe I’m having to explain this: The shot is clearly skew’d to one side as to put the slaughter ‘in frame’. The final angle of a shot is determined my the cameraman and producer. Palin had no idea that the slaughter was in the frame. She was clearly setup by the station’s news team.

For you Kool-Aid drinkers: There is NO WAY a politician would request a shot like that. Palin was setup by the news team.

Palin Attacks Continue (as I predicted) – The Turkey Interview

November 22, 2008

As the left continues it’s attacks on Sarah Palin in efforts to destroy her before the next election, she keeps soldiering on. Good for her!

The latest attack comes from a mis-fortunate event in which she was being interviewed while turkeys were being slaughtered in the back-ground. The leftists are making this out as if she were shoving jews into gas chambers. When in reality, I would guess that 90% of the idiot leftists that are attacking Sarah Palin for this probably eat turkey. They, like most leftists, will happily eat the turkey but scream disapproval when they actually have to be adults and see how their delicacies are produced. Of course, after a hard day of screaming, they will go home and enjoy a nice turkey sandwich.

Damn, That Was Fast! (aka: “Call Me Nostradamus”)

November 6, 2008

My quote from my November 4th post (actually written on the 3rd):

“Unfortunately, the Demoncrats now have her on their RADAR and know of her threat to them. For the next four years expect nothing but bad news about Palin and constant attacks to destroy her before she can run in 2012.”

Did I call it right or what?-

Palin didn’t know Africa’s a continent

Palin Didn’t Know Continents Vs. Countries: McCain Leak

McCain’s verdict on Palin: more trouble than a pitbull

There’s more of these ‘hit pieces’ today (November 5th) but, I’m tired and you can see that I am already correct.

ALSO, if you think that ‘Republicans Who just Really Want The Truth Known’ are behind these attacks, you’re smoking crack.


October 9, 2008

So, horse-toothed Madonna has kicked off her “Saggy and Old” tour and used the occasion to show her ‘tolerant to people with other views’-side to call Sarah Palin a bitch and added a few other things to her tirade.  Madonna even banned Palin from her concerts (at least Palin got something good out of this)!

The fact of the matter Madonna is so irrelevant that I kick myself for even wasting my energy typing this.

Doesn’t she need to go back to africa and buy some more negro children?

Palin’s E-mail Dumbass Is Caught

October 8, 2008

David C. Kernell, son of Tennessee Democrat State Rep. Mike Kernell, as been arrested for the break-in of Sarah Palin’s e-mail.

“A Democratic state representative’s son has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Tennessee for intentionally hacking into Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail account.”

“David C. Kernell, 20, was charged with one count of breaking into the Republican vice presidential nominee’s personal Yahoo e-mail account. Kernell, a student at the University of Tennessee, is the son of state Rep. Michael Kernell of Memphis.”

“Trial is set for Dec. 16, and if convicted, Kernell faces up to five years in jail and a $250,000 fine.”

Of course, being a politician’s son, he will just get a slap on the wrist…

You know the funny thing about this, NOTHING BAD WAS FOUND IN HER E-MAILS! How’s that for backfiring? Hey dumbass, if you’re going to risk going to jail, make sure you find something that will divert the public’s attention BEFORE you post your finds!!!

“Investigators were able to track Kernell down by tracing the hack to his Knoxville apartment through an Internet proxy site.”

HA HA!!! I guess didn’t work out for you there moron.

READ MORE: Tennessee Man Indicted in Hacking of Palin’s E-Mail Account