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What Really Pisses Me Off About Voter Fraud…

October 10, 2008

When there is an election and there’s proof that voter fraud (e.g. 105% voter turn out), the election authority will refuse to hold a new election and let the obviously crooked outcome stand!

We need to clean up the system-

1) NO ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES (unless they produce a paper record AS THE VOTE IS CAST).  Electronic voting machines are far too easy to manipulate.  It would be very easy to have a roll of paper in the machine to print a the record of a vote and when it was cast as the vote was cast. The paper should show the one line record of the vote to the voter so it can be verified and then advance the paper to a blank spot when the voter finishes. There is NO REASON NOT TO DO THIS OTHER THAN TO ENCOURAGE VOTE FRAUD.

2) NO MORE VOTER DRIVES OR DRIVERS LICENSE REGISTRATION– When I first started voting, you had to go down to the county office and register. It’s alot harder for voter fraud when you have to do it and produce proof of who you are and your legal status. If someone can’t get to an election office (and can PROVE their inability) it’s certainly possible to send out election teams to their house to verify who they are and register them.

3) REQUIRE 100% PHOTO ID CHECK TO REGISTER AND VOTE– No one (except illegals) can exist in the U.S. today without photo IDs. Even the poorest people have some form of ID. The ONLY REASON to not require photo IDs to vote is to allow voter fraud!