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Apparently, Britian Needs To Take Guns Away From It’s Military

April 8, 2011

´╗┐Officer shot dead and another is fighting for life after sailor opens fire

Man Ordered to Remove Fence For Thieve’s Safety

October 10, 2008

A British man who has been robbed multiple times puts up a barbed-wire fence. His local authority orders him to remove it because THIEVES MAY BE HURT!!!!!!

PREPARE TO BE DUMBED DOWN: No barbed wire…it might hurt the thieves, allotment holders told

TODAY’S USEFUL IDIOT: The British Driver

September 30, 2008

Only 3 per cent of car accidents are caused by speeding drivers, Government figures have revealed.

Yet there are nearly 7,000 speed cameras across the country which are unable to detect ‘careless or reckless’ drivers who cause three times as many accidents.

Critics say the Department for Transport figures demolish the main justification for cameras.

Proof that speed cameras are a money making scheme in Britain and the Brits are suckers for allowing them.┬á How’s that nanny-state working out for you?