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“Sarah Palin Idiot”

October 10, 2008
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

I see that “Sarah Palin Idiot” is a big search term today, Obviously the Useful Idiots are out and about! Trying to reinforce their moronic belief that Sarah Palin is dumb… Obviously, she’s not, but that won’t stop the imbeciles from trying to make themselves feel better by finding other dumb opinions.

The funny thing about this is that Sarah Palin is the best of the four candidates out there! Lets look at them-

Obama – Not yet a single term federal senator, previous state legislator, no executive branch experience what so ever! He’s not dumb, as he has become real good at working the system, proof- he’s gotten good sweet-heart deals through friends.

Biden – Multiple term federal senator and a former ambassador. Of course, neither give you any experience in the executive branch of government.

McCain – Multiple term federal senator. Being a retired Navy Officer, he does have many years of leadership experience.

Palin – Current governor, former mayor, she’s THE ONLY ONE WITH EXECUTIVE BRANCH EXPERIENCE!!!! She has won her positions on her own so clearly, she’s no idiot.

So of the four candidates, she’s the most qualified.

I know I will never convince the idiots that are doing “Sarah Palin Idiot” searches but their opinions are dumb anyway.