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Tucson, Gun Control, Kooks and Libtards

January 12, 2011

So now, the crisis-parasites are proposing a bunch of unconstitutional new laws to make it MORE illegal to shoot politicians and people in the face. The libtards are HOWLING for new gun control laws. Some of these gems include the “no firearms within 1000ft of a politician” law brought to you by Rep. Pete King (RINO). I would LOVE to hear Peter King’s explanation as to how his proposed law would have prevented ANY assination attempts on any of the politician in American history. Assassins aren’t going to be stopped by a law that says “no guns within 1000ft” if they have already decided to break the “no killing people” law.
If anything, this idiot’s law would make the situation worse. The reason that so many people were killed in Tucson is due to the fact that no ‘good guys’ were carrying in the crowd to stop the further killings. No, the first few victims still wouldn’t have had a chance due to suprise but, alot less people would have been shot if some CHL holder had been in the crowd and could have taken the guy down.
So, if anything, gun control laws probably made this worse. I ask you, how many killing rampages take place on gun ranges?
The REAL cause of these rampages is how our society has declined and now puts victimization and the “self-esteem of rotten kids who develope an overly large sense of entitlement” on pedestals and in general, rewards bad behavior.

Whoopie Is Lying Again…

January 12, 2011

Concerning Conservative speech: “When I was growing up – people talking – and saying things – whipping folks up – caused a lot of people to get lynched.”

So there it is… The race card. I wondered how long it would take to be played.

If Ms Johnson would please remember, it was the evil Republicans championing for the Blacks and the Democrats who wanted to keep them slaves.

President Fail And The Missle Shield Disaster

December 21, 2010

Apparently His Glorious Highness, President Fail, was totally conned by the Russians into giving up on missle defense.

What a putz.

And it gets worse: READ MORE

“My Discovery of America (Progressive America, That Is)” by Eugene Veklerov

December 21, 2010

“If you want to socialize with progressive and sophisticated Americans, you have to abide by certain rules. You may hold unconventional views on many issues, but certain ones are taboo. Criticizing socialism is one of them, and a negative attitude toward it will earn you the label of “right-winger.” A more advanced version of this notion is an admission that indeed, the Soviet implementation of socialism was not a success, but that fact does not repudiate the whole idea of socialism. Never mind that every implementation of that idea has been disastrous: in China, Poland, Hungary, Cuba, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere. Some implementations — in North Korea and Venezuela — are unraveling right before our eyes. Yet the progressives wish to repeat the same failed experiment again and again, claiming that the next one will succeed. When they learn that I am a fan of the American version of capitalism, they either stare in disbelief or smile condescendingly.”


Julian Assange’s Great Achievement…

December 20, 2010

Julian Assange’s great achievement- Censorship of the internet! His actions have given many governmental entities the crisis they needed to push for control over the internet.

Thanks a pant-load ass-hole.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal = Bad Idea

December 20, 2010

The primary goal of the military is to break down individualism and make people act as a team. “An Army of one” and “There is no black or white in the Army, everyone is green” are not just catch phrases, it’s the main goal of the military. Splintered forces are easily defeated.

Allowing women to ‘equally’ serve was a bad idea because of this. Women in the military get special treatment. They get ‘privileges’ that are not afforded to men (e.g. they have less harsh grooming standards, less challenging fitness requirements, generally better berthing accomodations (enlisted Navy), and etcetera). On top of this, the main ‘privilege’ that female military members get is that they are handled with ‘kit-gloves’ in general interactions. Male memebrs have to be careful as to what they say or do around females lest they be accused of sexual harrassment. When accusations of sexual harrassment arise, the females are instantly perceived as the victim and the male is perceived as the ‘guilty’. I have personally seen this happen several times. They are a protected class and it creates a division.

Which brings us to openly homosexuals. Homosexuals have ALWAYS been allowed to serve in the military. The only change now is that with the repeal of DADT, the military has created yet another ‘special group’ that furthers causes divisions. I can already predict that “I’m being punished because I’m gay” will soon become a common defense for bad behavior in the military.

The funny thing about this is the few homosexuals that I knew who came out of the closet did it specifically to get OUT of the military. They get got an adminstrative discharge instead of a dishonorable. I’m laughing at the few who are in the pipeline now to be discharged only to soon be told, sorry, you have to stay in. 🙂

The rising tide of left-wing violence?

December 16, 2010

Moe Lane at writes-

Back about two weeks ago, Media Matters was duly upset about Glenn Beck saying that “there seems to be a mounting call for violence from the left:”

Oddly: as of 7:37 AM, 12/16/2010, Media Matters has precisely zero to say about would-be class warrior Clay Duke.Clay Duke is, of course, the guy who decided to Fight The Power by walking into a Florida school board with a handgun, spray-paint a “V for Vendetta” left-wing gang symbol on the wall, then try to shoot a couple of people before turning the gun on himself. He’s of interest because, as Transterrestrial Musings and The Blaze note, his Facebook page (since sanitized) is a long, extended paean to the Paranoid Left, including a general links list which includes such sites as Indymedia, Wikileaks, and… Media Matters for America.


George Soros is an evil man!

November 18, 2010

China sentences woman to labor camp for Twitter post
Soros: China has better functioning government than U.S.
which begs us to ask:
If You Love China’s Government So Much, Why Don’t You Take Your Billions, Move To China And Never Come Back

The new GM – Owned by the chinese government

November 17, 2010


Americans uncomfortable with U.S. government ownership of General Motors may want to hear more: One of those banks is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, one of China’s four big central government banks. The other, China International Capital Corp., is a joint venture run primarily by Central Huijin Investment Ltd., an arm of the state, and Morgan Stanley.

This is the first time Chinese government banks have participated in a major U.S.-issued IPO, according to IPO tracking firm Dealogic. The banks are listed as co-managers in the offering, meaning they will sell a portion of the new shares.

Chinese automaker SAIC, GM’s partner in China, is finalizing plans to buy a roughly 1 percent stake, worth about $500 million, in GM’s IPO, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. SAIC is owned by the Shanghai city government.


We’re Doomed…

August 3, 2010

America is doomed- A headline today: “USATODAYGALLUP HAS OBAMA APPROVE AT 41%”

41% of America are IDIOTS!

We can’t survive that that many stupid people.