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FBI: Copyright > Idenity Theft

August 11, 2010

Apparently the FBI is increasing it’s enforcemnt of copyright laws while at the same time lowering the priority of identity theft and missing persons cases.


Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Philosophy, Yeah Right!

January 16, 2009

YouTube, owned by Google, is ignoring US Copyright law and taking down videos based on DMCA Abuse-

“If there’s one thing we’ve heard repeatedly from content owners when it comes to user-generated content, it’s that there’s no need to worry; fair use would be respected. But Kevin Lee’s story shows just how many problems remain with the content owners’ use of DMCA take-down notices, and the chilling effects that such notices can have on speech.

Lee is a film critic and blogger perhaps best known at the moment for watching the 1,000 best films ever made and writing about them at his website. As part of his work, he has evolved an online video essay format that uses film clips like a professor might, as part of his criticism and commentary. Each essay was short, but Lee eventually uploaded more than five hours of such material to YouTube. After YouTube passed on a third DMCA notice this week, though, the company disabled his account and removed all his work.”

THE ARTICLE: What fair use? Three strikes and you’re out… of YouTube