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Whoopie Is Lying Again…

January 12, 2011

Concerning Conservative speech: “When I was growing up – people talking – and saying things – whipping folks up – caused a lot of people to get lynched.”

So there it is… The race card. I wondered how long it would take to be played.

If Ms Johnson would please remember, it was the evil Republicans championing for the Blacks and the Democrats who wanted to keep them slaves.

Today’s Useful Idiot: Paul McCartney

June 3, 2010

Paul McCartney’s comment at BO’s shin-dig- “After the last eight years,
it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.”

Of course, this comment implies that Bush is dumb.

As much as I hate Bush, let’s compare Bush to His Brilliance, McCartney:
Bush GRADUATED from Yale AND Harvard.
McCartney recieved an HONORARY degree from Yale.

So, who’s the idiot?

TODAY’S USEFUL IDIOT: Jon Stewart – 3rd time!

May 20, 2009

Jon Stewart thinks that President Trumen was a war criminal for the use of atomic bombs…  Watch Bill Whittle utterly destroy Jon Stewart!  It’s beautiful!

Jon Stewart, War Criminals & The True Story of the Atomic Bombs

Whoopi Goldberg is a Lying Sack of Dog Mess!

May 20, 2009

Glenn Beck appeared on The View and Whoopi Goldberg an Barbara Walters attacked him and Whoopi called him a liar when in fact, WHOOPI WAS THE ONE LYING.

Here is EXACTLY what Glenn beck said-

GB: “We get in and sit down at a table and the lady says ‘no no no no, you can’t take those’. ‘Why Not?’ ‘They’re reserved.’  ‘They’re reserved? I didn’t…You can’t reserve…’ ‘No no, these are reserved’.”

GB: “How did they reserve seats on Amtrak when you can’t reserve seats on Amtrak?”

GB: “Now, as the train took off, and Barbara said, ‘Glenn Beck’ and I said, ‘Yes, Mrs Walters, how are you?’.  ‘You’re going to be on our show in a couple of weeks I understand.’ and I said, ‘Oh…’ and Whoopi looks up over her glasses ‘Oh yes, Glen Beck, Yes’.”

BW: “You said, she [Barbara Walters] came over”

Joy Behar: “Why did you lie about that? You said she came over.”

WG: “You did lie, what do you mean ‘I’m accusing you’?  You sat there and you’re a lying sack of dog mess.  You lied.”

WG: “… for you to make something up like that and drag us in and put it as though we pulled… That’s not what you said. That’s not what you said”

Whoopi was apparently under the impression that Glenn Beck said that Barbara Walters and she had reserved the seats AND that Glenn Beck said that they came over to him.  The proceeds to call him a liar and dog shit.

Glenn NEVER said that they reserved the seats…  He said that “a lady” said the seats were reserved and questioned how they could have done that since Amtrak doesn’t allow reservations.

Also, Glenn NEVER said that Walters and Goldberg came over to him.  They did get him to THINK he said that but, he didn’t.

Here’s the clip so you can verify for yourself-

Today’s Useful Idiot: Jon Stewart (or “Sarah Palin Must Be our Savior!”)

November 9, 2008

The 2008 election is done but the attacks on Sarah Palin continue and are getting more vicious. Why continue to attack her after the election? – because the left recognizes her as their biggest threat and are doing their best to destroy public opinion.

Today’s useful Idiot is Jon Stewart who is doing his job as the leftist tool that he is by continuing to attack Sarah Palin even though she has graciously conceded defeat and returned to Alaska whereas Jon and his ilk are still doing their damnedest to try and destroy her.

As I pointed out BEFORE the election was done-

“Unfortunately, the Demoncrats now have her on their RADAR and know of her threat to them. For the next four years expect nothing but bad news about Palin and constant attacks to destroy her before she can run in 2012.”

Even the leftist drones on Digg are doing their part, read the comments.


Skylar Deleon Gets The Death Penality! YAY!

November 7, 2008

FROM the LA Times“In 2004, Skylar Deleon tied an anchor to a Newport Beach couple and tossed them overboard.A Santa Ana jury Thursday voted for the death penalty for a 29-year-old man convicted of three murders, including those of a Newport Beach couple who were lashed to the anchor of their yacht and thrown into the ocean.”

YAY!  The system works!

Previous posting: Skylar Deleon – A Man Who NEEDS The Death Penalty!

“American Carol” – My Review

October 10, 2008

I went to see American Carol today. It was okay. It’s a re-telling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with a anti-terrorism lean.

First let me tell you what I didn’t like about the movie- It’s not a great movie, it’s not a good movie, it’s an okay movie. It’s campy and preachy at the same time… One moment it’s has a slap-stick scene of terrorists slapping one another then transitions to a serious scene of heroic fallen US Servicemen from WWII. I also know that the story line of the movie is anti-peacenick but, I felt the movie seemed too preachy. The examples it uses to make it’s point aren’t the best (e.g. if Lincoln had not fought the Civil War, blacks would still be slaves). I know you can’t really make valid points of the need of war without being grim but, a dancing Hitler would not have been the worse consequence of WWII capitulation. There are much better arguments and examples.

What I like about the movie is, it’s message is dead-on. It accurately portrays the “peace at all costs” crowd. The points and arguments they did make were correct. After a lifetime of liberal-slanted movies, American Carol was a refreshing change. Another surprise of the movie was how many ‘name-brand’ actors played in this movie! With the liberal atmosphere of Hollywood, I was really surprised at the courage of these actors to appear in a blatant anti-left movie.

You shouldn’t see it with the expectation that it addresses all that is wrong with liberalism, it only addresses their anti-war position. Also, remember that the slap-stick, campiness is there so it’s not a completely dry, preachy movie.

Overall, I’m glad I saw the movie and probably would see it again if someone wanted to see it. I hope to see more movies like it.

I do recommend this movie.


October 9, 2008

So, horse-toothed Madonna has kicked off her “Saggy and Old” tour and used the occasion to show her ‘tolerant to people with other views’-side to call Sarah Palin a bitch and added a few other things to her tirade.  Madonna even banned Palin from her concerts (at least Palin got something good out of this)!

The fact of the matter Madonna is so irrelevant that I kick myself for even wasting my energy typing this.

Doesn’t she need to go back to africa and buy some more negro children?

Skylar Deleon – A Man Who NEEDS The Death Penalty!

October 8, 2008

What can I say? This man needs to die! After all of the pain and suffering he has caused, the death penalty is too good for him. I can usually stand bad acting and being talentless but, his level of talentlessness has caused too much suffering. HE NEEDS TO DIE!

Of course, he’s being tried in California so he won’t get the needle for at least 30years (if at all).

I also am to understand that he has confessed to two gruesome murders (Tom and Jackie Hawks).

READ MORE: Fomer child actor, Skylar Deleon, admits to yacht murders

BTW, Here’s a picture of his shining moment in life, not his one bit part on the truly HORRIBLE Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but some other (probably equally horrible) child TV show…