Dell Computer Continues It’s Spin Down The Toilet Bowl

The news today is that Michael Dell is doing an executive shake up and replacing several people that he brought on to save the company in 2007. HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Michael Dell’s great plan that he has been feverishly working towards over the past few years is to basically get Dell out of the manufacturing business. He has replaced a significant (by some estimates, a majority) of American engineers with cheap foreign H1B engineers (because, you know, there’s no American engineers that will do the job for what he wants to pay). What this has done is KILLED Dell’s ability to effectively control design and quality.

The main aspect of his plan has been to buy ‘white boxes’ (pre-made computers from cheap chinese manufacturers) and slap a Dell name onit (meaning: leave the engineer, quality control and what not to the chinese). So far, it’s worked spectacularly! The pre-made computers he has been getting have been cheap but, the downside is that they also break.

Dell’s hands off approach has decimated their quality and the tech world knows it. Now, Joe & Jane Bloe are realizing it to.

Michael Dell, in his greed to shaft American workers (engineers & assemblers) has backfired royally as Dell’s quality and reputation go down the toilet. I say GOOD RIDDANCE!


TO: Michael Dell & the board of directors-

You fucking idiot(s). You haven’t realized that the chinese could care less about quality because you’ll keep buying from them because they are cheap. They are on the other side of the world and don’t care about anyone except for themselves.

I hope Dell goes down the toilet and you have invested all your monies with Madoff!


Lee Enfield

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One Response to “Dell Computer Continues It’s Spin Down The Toilet Bowl”

  1. theendofdecember Says:

    Did you know Dell are doing the exact same thing with their advertising account worth 170+ million or so…all the ads are now starting to be produced in India and China (the polite terminology they are using is “centralisation”) so in effect lots of advertising professionals that work on the Dell account all around the world in USA, Australia etc will lose their jobs very soon so some sweat shops can produce all of the ads…they have set up agencies in India and China that work 24/7 in 3 shifts (not kidding) disgraceful!

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