University of Iowa Federal Gas Tax Study

The University of Iowa has been funded by the US Government to conduct a study of a method of taxing drivers based on a system of tracking your driving.  The system uses a GPS, computer and a wireless phone connection and it records where you have driven, when you drove there and how much gas you used.

I know this because I attended one of their meetings.

The scary thing about this is that they are NOT testing if tracking people and taxing them based on their driving was a good system, they are testing whether the system works.

The system connects into your car’s computer to “read only the mileage” but, since it has a GPS, why connect into the car’s computer?

This system has government scam written all over it.

1) If they TRUELY wanted to tax based on road useage, KEEP THE CURRENT GAS TAX SYSTEM! It is the most fair system.

2) If they TRUELY want to only know how many miles you traveled in a taxing district, why connect to the car’s computer and read the mileage, use the GPS.

3) …and why require you to enter the amount of gas you buy if they are going to tax you by your mileage driven?

The real answer is that they are setting up a system to track people and a system to record speeding and other violations.

This system will not work with older cars that do not have a computer nor do I believe that people will truthfully enter the amount of gas put into the car at each fill-up so, I don’t believe that the system will survive in this incarnation.

The government is up to something and we are going to lose more freedoms…..  Keep an eye on this program.

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