Palin Attacks Continue (as I predicted) – The Turkey Interview

As the left continues it’s attacks on Sarah Palin in efforts to destroy her before the next election, she keeps soldiering on. Good for her!

The latest attack comes from a mis-fortunate event in which she was being interviewed while turkeys were being slaughtered in the back-ground. The leftists are making this out as if she were shoving jews into gas chambers. When in reality, I would guess that 90% of the idiot leftists that are attacking Sarah Palin for this probably eat turkey. They, like most leftists, will happily eat the turkey but scream disapproval when they actually have to be adults and see how their delicacies are produced. Of course, after a hard day of screaming, they will go home and enjoy a nice turkey sandwich.


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3 Responses to “Palin Attacks Continue (as I predicted) – The Turkey Interview”

  1. Bugsyblog » Blog Archive » Uuuummm…..Awkward Much?! Says:

    […] Palin Attacks Continue (as I predicted) – The Turkey Interview … […]

  2. patrick Says:

    this interview demonstrates Sarah Palin’s cunning ability to use the media for her own ends. For example, the turkey in the background is designed to appear accidental… in reality she put that flailing bird directly behind her to warn anyone who might oppose her rise to power: Submit now or die.

  3. Lee Enfield Says:

    Patrick, you’re an idiot.

    If you look at the framing of the interview you’ll notice that the camera man (and presumably the director of the interview) INTENTIONALLY skew’d the shot so that Palin is off-center and the turkey slaughter is visible.

    To anyone with a working brain you can tell that Palin was ‘setup’ in that interview by the reporter and the reporter’s team. If you believe otherwise, can you give me a REASONABLE explanation as to why a political aspiring person would want turkey slaughtering in their background? As far as “Submit or Die” as an explanation, please take your meds.

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