The Stock Market Melt Down, It’s A Good Thing…

Everyone is panicking about the stock markets dropping across the world. Well, they are idiots. The current fall of the stock market is a good thing, here’s why-

1) If you hold money right now, you’re an idiot because the value of the dollar is dropping due to the flood of bail-out cash. That dollar will never gain it’s buying power back, the best it will do is become stronger against foreign currency but, the loss of buying power (the only thing that matters) is gone.

2) Your stocks are down and as long as you don’t hold dog financial stocks, they will recover. The market has always recovered and gotten higher. If you have done the right thing and DIVERSIFIED your portfolio, you’re in great shape. You’re money will come back.

3) If you don’t own stocks, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY! Everything is down and there’s a lot of bargains! The markets may go down a little more but, they are going to go up much higher in the future. Except for the people holding stocks of the failed (non-bailout) companies, everyone else is pretty much a moron for selling at the moment. They are selling off their investments at a low price and converting them into dollars which are (and will) lose buying power.

I am not offering any financial advice nor am I a stock broker or investment professional but, these are my observations.

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One Response to “The Stock Market Melt Down, It’s A Good Thing…”

  1. omgdidisaythat Says:

    It’s more or less true, I am not sure how well the market will recover. But should be better than now.

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