“American Carol” – My Review

I went to see American Carol today. It was okay. It’s a re-telling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with a anti-terrorism lean.

First let me tell you what I didn’t like about the movie- It’s not a great movie, it’s not a good movie, it’s an okay movie. It’s campy and preachy at the same time… One moment it’s has a slap-stick scene of terrorists slapping one another then transitions to a serious scene of heroic fallen US Servicemen from WWII. I also know that the story line of the movie is anti-peacenick but, I felt the movie seemed too preachy. The examples it uses to make it’s point aren’t the best (e.g. if Lincoln had not fought the Civil War, blacks would still be slaves). I know you can’t really make valid points of the need of war without being grim but, a dancing Hitler would not have been the worse consequence of WWII capitulation. There are much better arguments and examples.

What I like about the movie is, it’s message is dead-on. It accurately portrays the “peace at all costs” crowd. The points and arguments they did make were correct. After a lifetime of liberal-slanted movies, American Carol was a refreshing change. Another surprise of the movie was how many ‘name-brand’ actors played in this movie! With the liberal atmosphere of Hollywood, I was really surprised at the courage of these actors to appear in a blatant anti-left movie.

You shouldn’t see it with the expectation that it addresses all that is wrong with liberalism, it only addresses their anti-war position. Also, remember that the slap-stick, campiness is there so it’s not a completely dry, preachy movie.

Overall, I’m glad I saw the movie and probably would see it again if someone wanted to see it. I hope to see more movies like it.

I do recommend this movie.

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