Democrats Screw US – AGAIN

The Democrat lead pork-filled bail-out ‘of their friends’ package has passed. Our money is now worth 10% less than it was.

In the Senate-

40 Democrats screwed us.

33 Republicans screwed us.

Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut screwed us.

9 Democrats voted for us.

15 Republicans voted for us.

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont voted for us.

In the House-

172 Democrats voted to screw us.

91 Republicans voted to screw us.

63 Democrats voted for us.

108 Republicans voted for us.

So to sum up, the publicly hated, Democrat pork-filled $700,000,000,000+ bail-out package designed to pay off everyone’s friends and screw us has been passed and George Bush (R) is HAPPILY going to sell us out and sign this disaster!

To find out if you should re-elect your congress man, check these lists and if they voted ‘Yea’ vote the bastard out!

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 110th Congress – 2nd Session


In case you missed the links above, HERE IS SOME OF THE PORK in the bill.


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