Why I Hate M*A*S*H

When M*A*S*H was being made, I used to watch it and enjoyed it (being young and stupid). Now when I watch it, I get ill. Why did I change? I grew up.

M*A*S*H is a tool of the Politically Correct crowd to portray the U.S. as a war-monger and a bad-guy.

Each and every episode is a continual attack on the U.S. policy and the Army during the Korean War. Every episode also belly-aches how stupid America was to be in the war, how horrible the war was and how much the Koreans suffered from it. Even the enemy (usually the chinese) are portrayed as poor captives (soon to be tortured by the likes of Col. Flagg or a Frank Burns type) or decent people just fighting an unjust American instigated war (e.g. episode: ‘Rainbow Bridge’).

There is NEVER a mention as to why the Korean war took place in any episode. They never once mention that the Korean War was a result of the Communist China (and the Soviet Union) trying to expand their territory by converting Korea into a communist sub-state. The great humanitarians of M*A*S*H never tell you that the communist were doing what Hitler did when he was trying to take over Europe. The difference being that Hitler used the German military to directly invade other countries whereas the communist were using funded guerilla groups to do their dirty work.

As for the suffering of the poor Koreans portrayed in M*A*S*H… I wonder why they don’t make a new episode and show the standard of living in North Korea vs. South Korea (you know, where the U.S. meddled)….

M*A*S*H, like most liberal gripes, is nothing more than a screaming kid throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t want his vaccination (because it hurts) with no regard to what the disease will ultimately do.

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One Response to “Why I Hate M*A*S*H”

  1. askkorean1 Says:

    MASH TV show portrays Korean political stupidity. Korean made political stupidity. You cannot blame Hollywood.

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